The Current Office Furniture Industry Several Phenomena

- Jun 12, 2017-

1, homogeneity: office furniture industry has a very clear industry trend: that is, the homogeneity of products is very obvious. In the new product process, the production of different products of the degree of differentiation is very small, or even the same style, style products listed in the time of the difference is very short: many manufacturers are different but office furniture product style and product style is the same, even the color is exactly the same; 2, the cost increases, the risk increases: in the production area, because the raw material cost rises, the labor costs increase, the enterprise social Insurance, the environmental protection, the occupation health and so on aspect investment increases, thereupon the rising tide, the enterprise cost increases, then passed on the consumer The price of office furniture is high. On the other hand, manufacturers slightly careless, but there will be losses and even bankruptcy; 3, the expansion of the fierce competition: according to official news, in 2014, the average annual number of new office furniture factory more than 10,000, coupled with recent years, the world financial crisis, many export-oriented office furniture enterprises have shifted the market target to the national cents consumer market, office furniture production suppliers greatly increased, all kinds of large and small brands, competition fortified. Summary, industry experts think: only focus on research and development and product quality of office furniture leading enterprises can make great strides to catch up.