The Living Principle Of Office Furniture Entering The Store

- Jun 12, 2017-

The principle of a choice booth to work hard: The contractor in the choice of booth, first to make clear their market positioning and product style, choose and product matching booth, not to save money blindly reduce the area, also do not according to gourd painting ladle. such as children's furniture because of the small size, relatively small exhibition hall area can meet the product display; But the office furniture volume is larger, therefore the contractor chooses the booth to take fully into account this characteristic, chooses the suitable display own product the area, and has the target, scientifically divides the hall space. Law II to avoid the homogeneity of products and display methods: The homogeneity of office furniture products is not an individual phenomenon. Part of the brand positioning fuzzy, product appearance, function, materials and so much the same, such as most of the use of man-made plates, the color of brown, walnut, gray, mainly design, the difference is not big. Enter the means of products to display a single, most of the simple products are placed, the most is placed on the table a few fish tanks, bonsai, computer samples, or in the corner of a few pots of green plants, basically no "soft" consciousness, Booth also has no sense of design. And many companies hope that through rapid expansion to seize market share, so the same brand in the same store has two booths in a number of. Expansion strategy does not matter right or wrong, but the merchants in the same store display the same furniture, in a way, also led to the homogeneity of the store products.