Summer Office Furniture Maintenance Small Coup

- Jun 12, 2017-

The first trick, summer high temperature may lead to office furniture drawer, sliding door because of the flexibility of the use of excessive expansion, can be coated in these areas of wax treatment. Second strokes, avoid the sun. Summer sunshine is the first killer of office furniture, summer sun's ultraviolet rays are very strong, no matter what kind of office furniture to avoid direct sunlight, there are two main methods: one is the office furniture as far as possible in the sun can not be exposed to the place, the second is to adopt hanging gauze curtains and other measures to separate the summer sun. To properly plant some plants, plants can have a certain cooling effect. Third recruit, in the summer humid rainstorm weather to prevent office furniture due to damp and problems. Furniture Moistureproof first make up against wall furniture and metope to keep 0.5 centimeter gap, because of summer humid, metope often have damp condition and condensation drops, when office furniture and wall of space not only left a ventilation gap, but also reduce the chance of direct dampness. Four strokes, to dehumidification gas. If the office furniture surface condensation water mist, and so on, the need for timely treatment, can use a soft dry cloth wipe off, and let the room ventilation to wet. If the ventilation to wet effect is not obvious, you can also turn on the air-conditioning dehumidification function or use some desiccant products to reduce the humidity of the room. Five strokes, avoid air-conditioning. Because of the hot summer, air-conditioning most of the time is open, then should let the office furniture away from the air conditioner to avoid the huge temperature difference makes office furniture, especially wood office furniture cracking damaged or premature aging.