Normal Maintenance Of Office Desk

- Jun 12, 2017-

1, if the desktop stained with dust, first with a feather duster to clear dust, and then wipe with a clean cloth, you must avoid using too strong quality or coarse cloth or dirty cloth wipe to prevent damage to the table surface. 2, if there is a stain on the leather or cloth, can be used to soak a special cleaning agent sponge wipe, the dermis clean when not use strong cleaning supplies. 3, the usual maintenance use is not easy to remove the hair of the clean cloth, stained with water to dry wipe can. 4. Note that there are hard objects in the towel, which cause scratches on the table. 5. Please keep the ventilation indoors so as not to be too dry or damp. 6, leather absorption strength, please pay attention to anti-fouling.