The privacy of office furniture should be paid attention to in open office space

- Jun 12, 2017-

At present, in our country Open office has begun to gradually in some big cities, the most typical example of course is Soho public office space, can be through the particularity of Shanghai office furniture and the diversity of Office way, give some maverick employees an open office environment. Of course, this kind of office environment is very quickly challenged, although people pursue the open office environment, but also need a can not be disturbed by others office environment, this is the Open office furniture is now missing. In today's society some companies not only the office space design is very open, office furniture design is very open. But this is not conducive to those who need to think independently, gather the spirit of God. Open office space simply refers to the open space, but will not affect the interaction between people, personal privacy can be guaranteed. So if you want to meet these two conditions, then the office furniture must have a certain degree of privacy, so that users can not only at work at ease, want to think independently when they can not be disturbed by others.