Revealing some general knowledge of office furniture materials

- Jun 12, 2017-

We often use the desk, filing cabinets, sofas these generally have those materials, the main material except wood is metal, and then the auxiliary materials used in plastic, cloth, leather material, and so on, this is just a kind of material application, in the actual manufacturing process, the application of these materials is not so simple, in order to cost-effective, and so on, each office furniture factory will work on the material research to get the most economical use method. Solid wood is the most common material, but in office furniture this category, pure solid wood application is not much, because the price of solid wood is high, for office this industry is not the most cost-effective choice, although the performance of it has a great advantage, but many companies do not apply to the office. Plate office Furniture on the comparison of popular, but still can see many office furniture factory launched solid wood class desk, filing cabinets and other products, and the price than the general wood to be much cheaper, cheap is a reason, because this is not real solid wood, but to the bottom of the plate, solid wood peeling on the surface attached to the product, although there is a real wood of the overall appearance and process form, but there is no solid wood performance characteristics, the price is naturally low, if you are serious wood to buy, That is the value of the deviation, after all, it is the price plate. There are also leather office furniture. Leather and artificial leather two kinds, but because of the advanced industrial processing, now the artificial skin can be more close to the surface of the dermis, and texture and touch can imitate the very similar, the same price is very cheap, if the pursuit of comfort and price, it is just. If you really want to pay attention to the grade and Amoy cheap, that is the location of the wrong.