Office furniture color How to match to show the most perfect effect

- Jun 12, 2017-

Health: Color can also play a role in health care? It is scientifically proven, because the color can stimulate the human visual nerves and it can offer different colors to make people feel different. For example, Orange, it can give a person a vigor, induce person's appetite, also conduce to calcium absorption, be helpful to health. In order to protect the health of employees, the work will also be very helpful. Efficiency: Because the person's visual nerve stimulation the same color, thus brings the different psychological implication person, therefore the general office color can arouse the staff's enthusiasm, thus effectively enhances the work efficiency. For example, yellow, can stimulate nerves, strengthen logical thinking ability, thus speeding up the staff's thinking, improve work efficiency. The effect of different colors, but different colors in different office furniture can make the office environment more beautiful, to provide staff with a more beautiful office environment, staff mood will help. Select the standard color table: The different colors of the impression will vary, such as metal materials, glass material color matching will highlight the bright visual effects, this table can also play a role in magnification. Table Dark Wood selection criteria: Dark wooden table will give a calm and elegant feeling, suitable for classical furniture decoration design features, in-house use, the need to consider the office design style, color selection.