Maintenance knowledge of office furniture

- Jun 12, 2017-

1. Regular maintenance of the furniture: Under normal circumstances, once a quarter of wax can be, so the furniture looks shiny and the surface will not absorb dust, clean up more easily. 2. Prevent dust: Generally with mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and other production of high-grade wood furniture have exquisite carved decoration, such as can not be regularly cleaned ash, small cracks in the easy to ash effect beautiful, and dust is to let wooden furniture quickly "aging" killer. 3. Avoid hard material scratches: do not make cleaning tools touch furniture when cleaning. At ordinary times also should pay attention, do not let hard metal products or other tools to crash furniture, to protect its surface does not appear on the signs of mishap and hanging silk phenomenon. 4. Prevent damp: Wood furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, lest the wood in the wet expansion, the time is long easy to rot, drawers can not pull open. 5. Keep moist: wood furniture moisture can not rely on moisture to provide, that is, you can not light with a wet cloth simply wipe, but should choose professional furniture care Essential oil, it contains easy to be absorbed by the wood fiber natural orange oil, can lock the water in the wood, to prevent wood cracking deformation, while nourishing wood, from the inside to make wooden furniture replay luster, prolong the service life of furniture. 6. Avoid direct sunlight: Although the winter sun is not violent in summer, but long time Sun plus the original humid climate, wood is too decadent, prone to cracks and local discoloration.