Attention to the selection of office furniture

- Jun 12, 2017-

Surface quality: The main view of the purchase of the surface of the plate is scratches, indentation, bubbling, peeling up skin and plastic traces and other defects, wood pattern is natural and smooth, do not have artificial feelings, for symmetrical furniture, but also pay attention to the plate color, grain consistency and harmony, let a person feel symmetrical plate as from a piece of material. Production quality: the production quality mainly depends on the quality of cutting saw, edge, surface decoration quality and the quality of the board port. Generally speaking, the cutting technology of sheet metal within 0.01 mm per meter, to achieve the precision requirements of the plate saw behind the profile, good angle, the furniture will not appear plate tilt phenomenon. side, surface decoration mainly see its decorative parts on whether the gelatinize, door, drawer of the gap is too large, generally require between 1mm, door and drawer open push pull is flexible and so on. Hardware accessories: In the furniture, hardware accessories accounted for 5% of the value, but the operating comfort is accounted for 85%, enough to explain the hardware accessories in the home life to play a powerful function. The hinge, slide rails in the life of the highest frequency of use, and thus appear more important. Damping technology is widely used in hinge and slide field.